4 Winds Equestrian Center
Where Horses and Humans Build Life-Long Partnerships
9031 Hwy 337, Estancia, NM 87016
505-384-1831  4windsec@qwestoffice.net

Meet the Staff
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Colleen Novotny
Colleen Novotny - Office Manager
Colleen Novotny is a woman of many talents. As a US Air Force veteran, Colleen was trained in supply management. She has been a police officer, a surgical technician, 911 operator, and mother of 3. Despite this background or perhaps because of this background, horses are truly her life. Colleen’s love of horses began when she was very young; she has over 55 years of equine experience.
In 2001 Colleen and her husband, John, founded and developed a non-profit horse rescue. Colleen retired from the rescue after 10 years of service. She managed to save the lives of hundreds of horses during her time at the rescue, not to mention the human connections she has made and lives she has touched during her time there. Colleen is an avid rider and horsewoman.
She has training and experience working with horses using the Natural Horsemanship methods. As a riding instructor she has provided lessons to children, adolescents, and adults, as well as individuals who are hearing impaired, blind, and otherwise physically challenged.
Colleen is also certified as an equine professional in EAGALA model of EAP. A woman dedicated to helping horses and people through their mutual connection, Colleen is the hub of the operations here at 4 Winds. She is the office manager, day-to-day operations manager, and finance manager. She helps run the feed wagon, scoops stalls and makes sure everyone else knows what goes where and what’s coming next!
John Novotny John Novotny, Facility Maintenance Director
John and his riding partner Jake have years of experience not only in riding the high trails of the Colorado and New Mexico mountains but with people, places and things.
John’s background includes growing up in a farming and ranching family in his home state of Nebraska. He obtained his pilot’s license at an early age, receiving flight instruction from a Nebraska Hall of Fame instructor, Leonard Nelson.
The Army decided John would make a great air traffic controller and he spent the large majority of his service time at Ft Rucker, Alabama, training helicopter pilots during the Vietnam War Era.After his time in the Army, John was hired by the FAA to work as an air traffic controller in the Denver Center.
John and his wife, Colleen, founded and developed a non-profit horse rescue in 2001. Both worked diligently for many years to establish a self-sustaining rescue—all the while with John working full time for the City of Albuquerque as the Building Maintenance Supervisor for the city art museum. By 2011 they were able to retire from the rescue, but John continued on with the City of Albuquerque.
John and Colleen obtained a property west of Estancia and began building a new business, 4 Winds Equestrian Center – “an Equine Country Club and Home of Natural Horsemanship.” After 15 years of service to the City of Albuquerque, John retired in January of 2012 and is devoting full time to the Equestrian Center at 4 Winds.